Friday, August 30, 2013

"Situation Maid" by Stacy Nix "VS The Butler"

My Dear Readers,
Yesterday, on an assignment re my agent Diana of Hartline Literary Agency, my Husband and I went to see the movie, “THE BUTLER”. Diana wanted me to see it and see how it compared to my book, “SITUATION MAID”.

I saw ‘THE BUTLER” as assigned. 

Going into the movie, I was apprehensive. I did not expect to enjoy it.   I was taken by surprise and totally did.  From the beginning to the end it had me hooked.  The acting performances were all superb.  It had a strange twist to it.  I felt I was watching it through an African American eye.  It flew through the Presidents in an interesting manner.  As I cried at one part, I noticed the man sitting next to me was also crying.  Forrest Whitaker portrayed “THE BUTLER” and also a proud husband and father.  My husband and I seemed to both thoroughly enjoy this one and walked away making many comparisons to my new book, “SITUATION MAID”.

“SITUATION MAID,” is the true life story of Lillie Nelson and a wonderful flip to the movie “THE BUTLER”.  As an orphan, at 5 years of age Lillie worked in the cotton fields. When Lillie was 12 years old, she was raped and had her son taken away from her.  Going from one desperate situation to another, she finds work as a housekeeper and advances from job to job.

The Steak Lady fed Lillie hamburger while she served her children steak, and she had to use margarine for herself and butter for the children in her care.  Lillie didn’t go to school and she couldn’t read or write.  When Lillie decided to quit this job she sat down and wrote the Steak Lady a letter with the help of a cookbook with pictures, so she could write correctly the words hamburger, steak and butter. The next job had Lillie cleaning floors on her hands and knees while the owner threw water on her and called her foul names. Yet Lillie always kept her pride and her head up.

Lillie improved her housekeeping skills and went from working as a maid to running a household for a very prominent family, in charge of all the maids and housekeepers. She became very well known among the Rich Socialites.

Lillie later decides to move to California where she finds work as a Hotel Maid. She uses all of her gained skills in redecorating the hotel’s rooms as well as teaching the other maids how to do a better job.  Lillie decided she would find employment with the richest people she could and through an Employment agency finds a fit with Mrs. Milner, a rich widow in Beverly Hills. While working for Mrs. Milner, Lillie is introduced to Mrs. Reagan. After Mrs. Milner passes away Lillie is invited to work for President and Mrs. Reagan.

Many splendid meals were prepared by Lillie for the Regan’s, from simple to grand occasions and family celebrations. After her retirement Lillie and Mrs. Regan kept in touch. Lillie attended Pres. Regan’s 80th birthday party and Nancy called her to let her know that their dog Rex had passed away. Lillie and Rex had been especially close, sharing a wink or two between them.

I do believe that Lillie Nelson, from “SITUATIN MAID,” and Eugene Allen, “THE BUTLER” must have known each other.

Stay tuned to my Blog for more updating information on this.    
Stacy Nix

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