Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Elvis Presley John and Stacy at the Estate

Elvis Presley is John's Cousin.  We toured the Elvis Estate in Palm Springs.  We left the genealogy notes we received on Mourning Dove White. (Elvis and John's Grandmother)  The earliest female that can be traced with certainty in Elvis's maternal bloodline, and she is his great-great-great grandmother.  Mourning Dove, a full-blooded Cherokee Indian.
This makes John Lisa Marie's Uncle;  And of course I am her Aunt....... Very interesting.  If you would be interested in more of this wonderful story please email me at  for more information.


"Situation Maid" What a wonderful Book


Lillie Nelson, the maid that worked for the Reagan's.

This book, "Situation Maid, " is about an African American woman, Lillie Nelson, who started out in life with nothing but herself, and ended up with great dignity. A poor orphan that worked in the cotton fields at 5 years of age and had no mother or father and basically raised herself.

"Situation Maid " illustrates through Lillie's story how the blacks were treated in the south, using the 'N" word and how horrific they were looked down upon as second class citizens. This woman teaches herself how to read from looking at pictures in cookbooks. This book illustrates how anyone can start out in life as a lost soul and end up with dignity and happiness and hope.

It reminds us that money can't buy you love and how God works miraculously in our lives each day to lead us to his Kingdom.

In the beginning of the book Lillie told the author, Stacy Nix, "Don't cry for me for I have lived a wonderful life and I find great pleasure in telling you my story. " Lillie's life story will teach others to be thankful for what they have, and to reach for the moon and the star's in whatever your circumstances may be.

"Situation Maid," was a story told by Lillie Nelson to Stacy Nix, while Lillie was working for the Reagan's. Stacy would interview Lillie daily and record some of the interviews. There are many tapes, video recordings and an interview done by CBS of Stacy and Lillie while writing the book.

It was not unusual to see Lillie jumping into a Limo with her home made pies, home made bread, on her way to the Reagan's. Lillie would stand outside the gate of her Condo development with her uniform on, covered with a long coat, white gloves, a fabulous hat, two large sets of luggage and patiently wait for the Limo driver to arrive. Then she would dash off to the Reagan's ranch ready to accommodate Mrs Reagan's wish for
her secret custard pumpkin pie.

If you like to laugh while you read, and get chills down your spine, I suggest that you read this book.

The readers of "Situation Maid " will take away a new vision for life. This story will heal peoples hearts by this heart wrenching story. Situation maid has the powerful ability to last through centuries with energy to stimulate the minds of many people.

The book ends with many favorite recipes of Lille's including one of Mrs. Reagan's favorite birthday dinners and President Reagan's favorite meat dinners and various photos illustrating the same.

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