Monday, August 10, 2009

Tip of the Day......Very important for writers....

Hello Authors:

This is my tip for the day. If you spend 15 minutes every day writing; you will have 365 pages done
in one year........ Wow... That would be a very nice size book.
Have a Great Day from Buddy the cute dog of the month...


  1. What kind of dog is that? He looks like a super hero!! LOL LMAO OMG WTF.

  2. Hello: Here is the Dog story. His name is Buddy. My husband and I were visiting with the owner of a Hot Dog stand, one day, and she mentioned that she had two Shih Tzu's. The Female was just about ready to have Puppy's. So we were thrilled to put our name on her list of new parents. The dogs were delivered and oops. She forgot that one night a Jack Russel somehow slipped into her back yard for the night.
    Opps...... Our Shih Tzue puppy was now a
    Jack Russel/ Shih Tzu. He is the most wonderful dog we could have ever asked for.
    He looks like a Shih Tzu, but at 5:00 every night the Jack Russel comes out. What a Love and wonderful new member to our family...
    Thanks for asking...